Welcome to VIP Children’s Clinics. Our pediatricians understand the many facets that affect the growth and development of children. They know children change rapidly and are here to help guide you through each stage of your child’s life, monitoring their physical growth and mental development, examining them when they are healthy and when they are sick.



Because our top priority is your child’s health, we provide exceptional access to pediatric care and information that includes eight office locations, extended hours Monday through Friday, weekend clinic hours (even on Sunday) and after-hours physician and/or provider answered phone service seven days a week to assist you with your child’s need. We also employ a triage phone nurse at every location ready to answer your questions and help guide treatment for your children as quickly and easily as possible.


Our friendly and knowledgeable nurses can answer simple questions over the phone, or a doctor can call you back for more complicated issues, including an after-hours physician call. For new parents, we are here to answer questions about breast and bottle-feeding, sleeping, your child’s bowel habits or any other issues that come up.


When your child is sick we would prefer to see you in the office. We look forward to working with you, caring for your child and watching your family grow.


Expectant Parents & Newborns

Expecting a new baby is a very exciting time in a couple’s life, but it also comes with many uncertainties and questions. We encourage expecting parents to call our office to set up a meeting with our providers before you give birth. After delivery and after you are discharged, we will usually see you in our office two days to two weeks later depending on the individual situation. Our first few visits usually involve reexamining the baby and checking his or her weight and level of jaundice. We will follow the baby closely until they gain weight consistently. The baby’s next checkup is at 2 months old, followed by visits every 2 – 3 months for the first 2 years of life.



We follow the immunization schedule recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and encourage you to discuss any questions or uncertainties about immunizations with us.

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Important COVID-19 Updates

Our Children’s Clinics are committed to keeping your family healthy and safe with updated office procedures and televisit options.

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